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We help solve problems faced by SMEs during international commercial negotiation


The business analysis is the first step in our process where we define your needs and recommend solutions based on the organizational context or situation you are experiencing. 


After studying the foundation of things in your company, we can identify the relevant problem solving stages as the next process. When done correctly, this in turn will lead to the next step.


From an in depth analysis via clear identification of potential solutions, the business results from the successful negotiations will speak for themselves. 


Business Consulting Geneva helps small to medium sized companies which have been in business for several years and are now negotiating contracts that will bring their business to the next level. We work with:

  • Companies that have challenges negotiating national as well as international contracts.
  • Companies which have reached a dead end in their negotiations and don’t know what to do next or who to turn to for help
  • Clients who are lacking information on how to best proceed with their negotiations
  • Companies that trade internationally with agricultural raw materials
  • Start ups



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Finding the Best Business Consultant

Finding a business consultant that suits your needs is a process that sometimes needs the help and support from another consultant. Even if this may be a paradox, there is a lot of truth in it. You must have the best possible consulting available for you to make...

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